ON SALE NOW HALF OFF WAS $300 NOW $150!! This Staff is made with Sequoia Red Wood hand inlaid with a powerful combination of stones starting with,Tibetan Quartz at the top with a small 14k Gold Chain surrounding it, and hidden inside the staff underneath that is a Double Terminated Quartz filled in with a combination of Azurite and Red Coral with some 14k Solid Gold wire. The triangles are filled in with Malachite and the circles are Red Coral. A fossil Ammonite cut into two pieces is hand inlaid on the front and back of the Staff and a double Terminated Herkimer Diamond horizontally inlaid that connects the center points of the spiral of the Ammonites. Below that is a Cracked Fire Agate inlaid with Azurite surrounding it. Towards the bottom of the Staff are a combination of Azurite, Malachite , and Amethyst. The Staff stands 51″ Tall and is about 1 1/4″ in diameter from the top to the bottom. The area where your hand will hold the Staff is wrapped in repurposed second hand leather and the bottom of the Staff has a rubber boot on it that is filled with Azurite. This Piece is fully functional for walks , hikes or ceremonies. For more pictures or if you have any questions please contact me through a direct message either here on my etsy shop. #handcrafted #handmade #madebyhand #woodgrain #wood #woodworking #wizardstaff #wizard #wiz #lotr #larp #cosplay #magicstaff #magic #druid #etsyshop #etsy #etsyseller