The Rules

WARNING: Consuming alcohol can be dangerous and drinking games often promote significant consumption. Know your limits. Drink responsibly and legally.

Wizard Staff Drinking Game

How to Play

The basic premise of the game is simple, each player drinks a can of liquid, after finishing a can, the next can is duct-taped on top of the empty can. This process is repeated until the cans of beer taped together resemble a wizard’s staff. Each finished can represents a level, so a player who has 5 cans on his or her wizard staff is a level 5 wizard. Boss Battles occur every 3 levels (players should decide before starting to play if it is every 3 or 5 levels). Once a player levels to a multiple of 3, he or she must battle a boss/dragon (take a shot). The boss’s name comes from the type of alcohol, liquid, or dare, i.e. “Pirate Lord Morgan” or a “Gummi Dragon.” The player cannot level up again until the boss is defeated (the shot is taken). Make your battles epic and come up with some great, creative names for the beasts. At level 10 you must face an epic challenge in order to upgrade from a Mage to a full Wizard. Typically (prior to playing) there are 4-5 challenges available, and when level 10 is achieved, your fellow wizards present you with the challenge necessary to reach your ultimate class and strength.

 How to Win

At the end of the night, be the wizard with the longest staff, or the wizard who is still conscious, and you are now the new Master of the Wizard’s Council.

Variant Rules

The Dueling Wizards

Duels. Once you achieve level 10, you can challenge any other wizard above level 10 to a Staff Duel. The duel ends when someone’s staff breaks, and that wizard’s punishment is to drop to the level of his longest staff piece… and the shame of having a poor quality staff in front of the entire Council. Commanding Voice. Any wizard over level 10 can command another wizard under level 3 to do his bidding. Once you reach level 3 you are immune to the Commanding Voice spell. Broken Staff. If your staff breaks due to your incompetence, i.e. poor taping or dropping it, you are reduced to the level of the longest piece.

The Die of Fate

You will need a D20 and a larger assortment of liquors. Assign each liquor a number. When a person battles a “boss”, they roll the die of fate and drink whatever number challenge they rolled.

wizard staff drinking game rules

The Rules


We do not condone over drinking. Please drink responsibly and safely.

Be safe, be responsible.